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Strong is the New Skinny: Why Women are Ditching Cardio for Weights.

Women are embracing the trend of strength training, which has replaced the standard aerobic exercises. A few years ago, the majority of women thought that cardio exercises were the best option if they wished to lose weight or tone up. But lately, a growing number of women have begun devoting their time to strength training, so there must be a cause for this change.

Women have begun to switch from cardio to strength training for a number of important factors, including:

1. Aids in muscular growth

Strength training aids in muscle growth in contrast to cardio activities. Strength exercise has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, which is necessary for efficient fat burning in women. Contrarily, only when doing cardio does it expend calories.

2. Boosts metabolic rate

Strength training increases metabolism, and since you expend more calories even when you're not exercising, this results in weight loss. Strength training burns more calories than cardio because the after-burn impact lasts longer with strength training.

3. Lessens the possibility of harm

Ligaments, tendons, and bones are all known to be strengthened by weight training. It lowers the possibility of injury while engaging in other activities and aids in developing a stronger core that can support the complete body.

4. Decreases anxiety and tension

Strength training can lessen signs of depression and worry as well as stress levels. Additionally, it raises endorphins, also referred to as "feel-good chemicals."

5. Strengthens balance

The back muscles become stronger through strength training, which enhances posture and lessens back discomfort. Moreover, it helps strengthen other muscles and the core, which contribute to good posture.

6. Increases confidence

Strength training helps women feel confident and empowered. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of being strong, physically and mentally.

In conclusion, strength training has become popular among women for various reasons. It provides a more holistic approach to fitness as it helps build muscle, increase metabolism, reduce the risk of injury, reduce stress and anxiety, improves posture, and increases confidence. The benefits of strength training should be enough to motivate women to pick up those weights and give it a try!



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