Thrive Personal Training is a performance-driven fitness program that is designed to help any individual meet their goals. Echelon is the only place you will find this innovative program in South Jersey.

Developed by strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle, who has trained Olympians and professional athletes around the world, Thrive is a training program for the sport of life, whatever that means for you.

Thrive Functional Training is not about “run faster, lift more.” It’s about activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously, in expertly designed programming that emphasizes movement over image. A true Functional Training program, whether you are training for a sports performance, injury rehabilitation, or to walk up a flight of stairs, your Thrive program will get you there.


Our team consists of experts in their field. In addition to their national personal training certifications, we certify every trainer to assure that they are prepared to lead you through the Thrive fitness journey

This is the framework of the Thrive programming system:

1. Prime

The first 15 minutes of each Thrive workout we will focus  on preparing you for the workout and also helping you move and feel great outside your workouts. This is a "smart warm up"!

2. Power

Did you know that the body loses power at almost twice the rate of strength as we age? Think of POWER as the body's ability to store and release energy, We will train for it.

3. Strength

Everyone wants to be strong. How we will achieve this is through a movement based system. You will finish this strength training portion feeling energized and accomplished. 

4. Burn 

We will want to condition the body for everyday life and help you achieve your goals. Whether it be to train for an event or lose unwanted body fat, you will train smart for it. 


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