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Employee Spotlight: Trey Severs

Trey Severs is a personal trainer at Echelon Health & Fitness and is considered to be the top coach in the Thrive network. With just over 10 years experience in the coaching industry, he has the knowledge required to transform the lives of his clients.

Along with his expertise, Trey also has a positive attitude that helps him to motivate everyone he works with.

“I love the energy he brings to the club,” said David Chung, owner of Echelon Health & Fitness. Despite Trey’s personal struggles, he has been able to come back stronger and continue to help his clients to reach their fitness goals.

“Trey is an inspiration to all of the members and the staff, including myself,” said Jeff Quinn, general manager at Echelon.

Tell us a little about yourself

I was a College athlete who played Basketball for Coach Rollie Massimino. My Sophomore year in College I blew my right knee out and it was than when I realized I had a passion for the Health & Fitness path in life. The journey started as I went through surgery and began rehabbing my right knee. I was soaking in as much information as possible.

I am 30 years old and just celebrated my 10th year in the coaching industry. I love what I do and I am truly GRATEFUL for everything I have been through in my life as it all has played a huge role on getting me to where I am at today. I am a big believer on you can’t teach experiences, only life and time can allow us to have those experiences and if I have never been through it, then I just can’t speak on it.

What aspect of your personal training do you enjoy the most?

I love the process of changing someone's life fully. I love that in this field we never arrive anywhere, there is always room to be better. The moment I or anyone of us think we have arrived somewhere is the moment it is all given back in a split second.

What are 3 words to describe Echelon/Thrive?

Family, Positive, GREATNESS

What have you gained from working at Echelon/Thrive?

Echelon & Thrive have taught me how to humble myself. I have learned to allow myself to be Coached on all levels by so many experienced individuals who are great people. I have learned how to have the willingness to allow the process of change to take place and trust the decision as well. I have learned that we can get through anything together.

I have learned that in life we will have tough days, but to lean on those that have your back and allow them to guide you through those rocky days. I have learned that life is way bigger than me and it’s not all about me. I have learned that if we keep training on the forefront of our minds and keep it as the foundation to our life it will help the process of keeping the negative thoughts and demos out on a daily basis.I learned about who TREY really is. I have learned to have self worth. Most importantly I have learned to “BELIEVE IN MYSELF” without that nothing else is possible!

Before working at Echelon, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I was a Shift Manager for The Pool at Harrah’s Casino Resort in Atlantic City. We never knew what to expect on any given night. Someone always surprised our team with something crazy.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I like to start my day off with a morning AA meeting, a workout and then just allow the day to play out how it should including:

  • Lunch at Healthy Garden

  • A day out with a client

  • Time with my Girlfriend Nicole if she's off from work

  • Relaxing with no true responsibilities on my mind

How do you define success?

Not by all your success in life, to me its defined by all your failures and how you responded and overcame those failures to turn them into positives to allow yourself to be more successful….Striving for GREATNESS daily!

Do you have a favorite quote?

“When adversity strikes, its then and only than when the true character of man shows” Coach Rollie Massimino

“Never Give Up”

Any random facts you could share with us?

I am in Recovery. My Clean & Sober Date is November 22, 2018! I am a person who has had many life experiences and understands that my past doesn’t define me. I am extremely GRATEFUL for everything I have been through and everything I have learned from my mistakes and failures. I am on a mission to Change as many lives as possible in this world and I am on a mission to strive for GREATNESS on a ONE DAY AT A TIME. I believe staying humble, staying in prayer, staying around positive / like minded people and remaining GRATEFUL at all times will allow me to be the best version of Trey on a daily basis which will allow me to always be doing the next right thing in life!



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