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4th Annual Summer Fit & MemberPERX Challenge! Win $4,000 & A Lifetime Membership!

Enter Below and start earning entries to improve your chance of winning $4,000 and a Lifetime Membership!


Why we started the Summer Fit & MemberPERX Challenge Everyone loves the summer. It is a great time to relax, head to the shore, or lay by the pool. However, this is a time where many people fall behind on their fitness goals. With so many distractions, it can be easy to lose momentum that has been built up throughout the rest of the year. The Summer Fit Challenge & MemberPERX Challenge was started in 2017 to help our members & community stay motivated and active throughout the summer months. Our interactive challenges, events, and prizes, bring an exciting twist to the typical gym session.

Bringing in MemberPERX The dog days of summer can be tough for many local businesses. With many people traveling to vacation destinations, traffic can be slower than other times of the year. Our Summer Fit and MemberPERX challenge offers a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with our members through exclusive offers, sponsorships, and participation in challenge events. Shop & Dine with MemberPERX and help support local busniesses while saving money and earning entries.

Members & Guests earn entries to increase their chance of winning for EVERY Receipt brought back from our MemberPERX Partners. This year, the member or guest who brings in the most receipts from our MemberPERX Partners will earn 1,000,000 entries to increase their chance of winning!

The Last 3 Summer Fit & MemberPERX Winners


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