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Sullivan: Member & MemberPERX Spotlight

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Echelon Health and Fitness is a family owned gym that is rooted in their local community. Part of their involvement takes place with the MemberPERX program, where local business can be featured by offering a discount to the gym’s members. One benefit to this program is a free membership for the owner or manager of the business. They also receive one month of Thrive personal training when they enroll in PERX.

Sullivan Strategic

John P Sullivan, CPA/ABV, CVA, founded this boutique accounting firm. Their focus is serving small, “mainstreet” businesses, like many of those involved in the PERX program. They offer a variety of services including Business and Individual tax preparation and business valuations.

Previously an avid runner, John Sullivan has managed to continue running while staying injury-free. One year ago John said, “I am an accountant and I am too busy to commit to anything. I like running and I can do it on the fly when I am free.”

Today, John trains with Thrive at Echelon three times per week and is still maintaining his running with no breaks due to no injuries.

While training with Thrive in the last year, John lost 10 pounds of unnecessary weight and converted 10 pounds to lean muscle.

Being an accountant and a business owner can be extremely stressful as it forces time to be strict on most days; however, with some accountability and setting personal time to train with Thrive, John makes it happen regularly.

“John is one of the hardest working clients / friends I know, as I can always count on him to show up focused and ready to put in the work no matter how crazy life gets for him,” said Trey Severs, Thrive Coach at Echelon.

“John understands that efficient training in one hour allows him to be in and out, which helps him be a better and more successful business owner, along with a better husband and father. John understands that training with Thrive is a must for him to be the best version of himself on a daily basis. Thank you John for allowing Echelon & Thrive to be a part of your life,” he concluded.

To learn more about MemberPERX and our Hybrid Corporate Wellness Program click here.



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