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Looking for a NEW Fitness Program? Here it is…

Looking for a new fitness program in 2021? Why wait? We got you covered this holiday season.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time to accomplish an impactful workout, you don’t need to guess about what exercises to do, and you don’t have to wait until the new year to make progress.

Sounds too good to be true, right? “Thrive Essentials” might disagree with you.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been challenged tremendously this year and most of us are looking forward to starting fresh in 2021. How about you? Are you looking to take control of your health and commit to a fitness program to jump start your life in the new year? Well your friends at Echelon Health & Fitness and Thrive have just the spark you need to get started.

Ok. What is Thrive Essentials? You can jump ahead and check it out HERE and don’t forget to use the DISCOUNT CODE MEMBERPERX

If you’re still curious (I would be, too) then let’s dive a bit deeper.

Let’s say that you decide to join this program. Fast forward 6-months. You’ve achieved the healthy lifestyle that eluded you for so long, you’ve done your first chin-up (wow. props), your clothes are fitting differently, you feel confident with your progress, and you’ve even enjoyed the process. Now hold that thought...Imagine looking back on 2021 and feeling gratitude that you were able to achieve and maintain the healthy body and mind you’ve been desiring, leading to a renewed and more vibrant you!

Take the first step towards that healthy lifestyle today with Thrive Essentials.

Is this a 6-month program?! No, it is not. It is a 30-Day Program that we feel will serve as a cornerstone of your fitness journey in 2021.

Here’s the quick-n-dirty details:

If you didn’t know, we have the world-renowned THRIVE program at Echelon Health and Fitness

This is a new and shiny digital program based off of that same THRIVE program and it is called Thrive Essentials.

It walks you through everything you need for an effective workout AND even gets into some light tips and tricks about fitness in general

On top of all of that we are including:

A live virtual fitness assessment with one of our stellar THRIVE Coaches to make sure you have the proper starting point


Access to our live Thrive Anywhere program which is a workout that you can do at home and is led by those same Thrive Coaches.

Equipment is necessary to do the Thrive Essentials program. Good news: we know of a great gym in Vorhees...just sayin

Oh, and of course we have your back with this holiday discount code MEMBERPERX that is exclusive to Echelon Health & Fitness. Enjoy.

It’s the season of giving. Gift Thrive Essentials to yourself or a loved one today!




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