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Beginner's Guide to Echelon Health and Fitness

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Joining a new gym can be intimidating. Many people who sign up for a membership aren't sure what to do next. Check out our beginner guide to help get you moving in the right direction on your fitness journey.

Precor Guides

Our Precor equipment features guides that explain how to do each workout. You can also scan the code shown on each piece of equipment that links to an instructional video. Check out this example for seated dips.


Stretch Machine

Stretching is an important part of any exercise routine. It can help to increase your performance, flexibility, and reduce muscle tension. Echelon has a Precor stretching station that will show you ways to stretch out every muscle group.


Mobile App

Downloading the mobile app is the best way to see everything at Echelon. Check into the club, sign up for a class, earn rewards, and save with MemberPERX. Everything you need, all in one place. Download on the App Store or Google Play.


Myzone Belt

My Zone is a highly accurate monitor that tracks heart rate, calories, and time exercising. There is also an app that includes challenges, personal goals, and other features, that will help to keep you motivated. Knowing how much you are putting into your workouts can help you to push yourself to the best of your abilities.


Try a Class

Classes can be a great way to keep you having fun in the gym. Whether it is a high energy class like Spin or Zumba, or a Mind/Body class like Yoga or Barre. With over 75 classes per week you are sure to find something that you enjoy.


Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessments are an important first step towards reaching your goals. Our Thrive Coaches will take you through a workout that will highlight where you are now and help you to determine the next steps you want to take. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about our Thrive program which can be one of the best ways to see results.


Save With MemberPERX

Your membership can unlock exclusive discounts at over 300 local businesses in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area. Redeem your savings each time you visit a PERX partner at no cost to you! Click here or use your mobile app to find your next deal.


Wipe Down Equipment

One way to stay safe at the gym is to wipe down the equipment that you use. Using a sanitizing wipe both before and after can prevent the spread of bacteria. It is also important to use a clean towel during your workout and remember to wash your hands.


Secure Your Valuables

When you make a trip to the gym, bring only what you need. Store any valuables in a secured locker to keep them safe. Also, avoid keeping items in your vehicle. Thieves are known to target gym parking lots where people will be away from their car for an extended period of time.


Make it a Habit

In order to see the results you are looking for, it is important to make exercise a habit. Aim for 3-4 times per week and be sure to push yourself during the first month. It may be difficult at first, but soon you may even start to enjoy your workouts.


Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone was a beginner at one point and the staff at Echelon is happy to help!

Echelon is hosting a Beginner Workshop on February 2, 2019 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. Participation is free but space is limited. To sign up, click here.



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