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Healthy Tips For Halloween

Halloween is a time with tons of temptation. It seems like everywhere you turn you are surrounded by sugary sweets like candy, cookies, and caramel apples.

Although it does require a bit of effort, there are ways to stay healthy and on track this Halloween. Check out our 4 tips below.

1. Pass Out Non-Candy Treats

Candy-free treats don’t have to be boring. Look for food items including pretzels and popcorn that contain a lot less sugar than their candy alternatives. This will be much easier to resist than a giant bowl of Reese's. You can also forgo food altogether and stick with a small toy for each child.

2. Wait Until the Day of Halloween

If you believe that candy is necessary on Halloween, make things much easier for yourself by waiting until the day of to purchase it. With stores putting Halloween candy out by the time school starts, it can be tempting to stock up early in the season. However, knowing that you have candy in the house can often cause your supply to dwindle by the time Halloween arrives

3. Eat First

Whether heading out to Trick-or-Treat in your neighborhood, or one of the various Trunk-or-Treats in the area, make sure to eat dinner ahead of time. Going out on a full stomach can help you to resist the candy and prevent you from filling up on calorie-dense sugary treats.

4. Smaller Buckets

A great way to limit the amount of candy that comes into your house is to purchase smaller buckets for the children to Trick-or-Treat with. A full bucket will make the child feel accomplished with ensuring that you don’t go home with an overwhelming amount of sweets.

How do you stay healthy on Halloween? Share your tips in the comments.



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