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3 Ways to Break Up With Too Much Social Media

It is hard to believe that Facebook was started just 15 years ago. Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become a huge part of our daily lives. The average person spends over 2 hours interacting with them each day.

Many of us have experienced falling into a "social media hole, " when you start browsing casually and you look up to see that an hour has gone by. While there is an unlimited amount of fun things to look at on social media, there are some negative effects to constantly browsing. This includes increased stress, anxiety, lower self esteem, and negative effects on your sleep.

Break up with social media and take some time back to focus on your goals with these 3 tips.

1. Turn Off Notifications

Few things are more distracting than tons of notifications. Whether someone liked your post or is going live, rarely do things on social media need to be seen right away.

Many sites, including Instagram, allow you to customize which notifications you want to see. You can also turn them off all together through your phone's settings. This way you won't be thrown off by your phone's constant buzzing.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Time

iPhone users now have access to the Screen Time section of their settings. This shows the time spent on your phone, your most use apps, the number of times you pick up your phone and more.

You can also you this feature to set down times or limit the time that you spend on social networking apps. This provides an additional barrier to prevent you from mindlessly scrolling.

3. Keep Your Phone Away From the Bed

The Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey of 2016 found that 61% of smartphone users check their phone within 5 minutes of waking up.

Some of us take it a step further with 1 in 3 people checking their phone in the middle of the night. Keeping your phone away from the bed at night can help you to get up with the first alarm and take some time for yourself in the morning.

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