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Thrive to Host Consistency Workshop at Echelon Health & Fitness

Consistency is one of the biggest factors in a person’s fitness journey. Without it, many people become stuck in the habit of exercising occasionally and never seeing results.

This Wednesday, November 28 at 6:00 pm, the Thrive coaches at Echelon Health & Fitness will be hosting a Consistency Workshop.

Thrive lists the keys to consistency as life balance, effective training, realistic nutrition, and active recovery.

During the 45 minute workshop, the team at Thrive will go through the ways that you can stay consistent. This includes commiting to change, knowing your purpose, and surrounding yourself with positivity. They also will touch on topics including:

  • Goal Setting

  • Forming healthy habits

  • Letting go of excuses

  • Accountability partners

  • Being honest with yourself

This event is sure to help you get a head start on your fitness goals.

To RSVP visit:



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