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Take Off To Your Weight Loss With A Launch Pack. WWW.MemberPERX.IDLIFE.COM

Launch Pack


Do you have a weight loss goal, but don’t have a good plan on how to get there? Your Takeoff to Weight Loss is here!The IDLife Launch Pack will help you set goals that are specific, measurable, and trackable. www.MemberPERX.IDLIFE.COM What’s Inside:
The Power Couple: 1 Bottle of Lean containing 120 Capsules and 2 Bags of Slim+  Sleep Strips (15 Day Supply) Body Measuring Tape Magnetic Clip Daily Tracker – Tracking daily activities will help you maximize your results. Traffic Light Eating Guide – A method to help you make healthier food choices. Free Samples to try additional IDLife products $20 Coupon Card Towards Your Personalized Vitamin Program, IDNutrition.  *Coupon expires 6-months after date of issue.  Promotional period from Thursday, 12/19/19 through Friday 1/31/2020



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