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Echelon Health and Fitness 6th Annual Summer Fit and MemberPERX Challenge

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to a whole new level? Echelon Health and Fitness invites you to join our 6th Annual Summer Fit and MemberPERX Challenge! It’s more than a contest—it’s a summer full of growth, community, and thrilling rewards, including a lifetime membership and cash prizes!

THRIVE Personal Training Challenge

Train smarter, not harder with the THRIVE Personal Training Challenge. It's a unique fitness experience with various activities and reward tiers:

  • 10 entries for participants who complete a Fitness Assessment.

  • 200 entries for every THRIVE session completed.

  • 5000 entries & 5,000 reward points for participants who complete 26 THRIVE sessions (excluding THRIVE Bootcamp).

  • Participants who complete the most THRIVE sessions from July 15th - September 15, 2023, will earn 8 Thrive Sessions, 10,000 reward points, and 50,000 entries and a 5 day 4 night resort stay fantastic 5-day, 4-night resort stay in Mexico for 2 adults and 2 children


Group Fitness Challenge

Embrace the spirit of togetherness and healthy competition with the Group Fitness Challenge:

  • 10,000 entries for participants who take forty (40) group fitness classes at an Echelon Health & Fitness location between July 15th and September 15th.

  • 50,000 entries, 1000 reward points, and a 5-day, 4-night resort stay to the participant who completes the highest number of classes.

  • 10 entries for every class completed from July 17th to September 15th.

  • 20,000 entries to the participant who completes the most classes during each period (July, August, September).


MYZONE's heart-rate tracking system takes center stage with the MYZONE MEPS Challenge:

  • Top ten (10) participants will receive entries and reward points based on their final position, with the first-place winner receiving 5,000 entries, 5,000 reward points, and a 5-day, 4-night resort stay in Mexico.

  • Monthly challenges in July, August, and September offer the top five (5) participants entries and reward points according to their final position.

(Note: MYZONE Belts are required for participation and can be purchased at Echelon Health and Fitness. MYZONE measures MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) which are earned by exercising in your target heart rate zones.)

MemberPERX Challenge

Take advantage of our partnerships with local businesses: Members save $ at over 800 locations simply for being a member,

  • 2,000 entries for each receipt turned in from a participating PERX Partner.

  • The participant who turns in the highest number of receipts from MemberPERX merchants between July 17th - September 15, 2023, will receive 10,000 entries, 10,000 reward points, and a 5-day/4-night resort stay in Mexico for 2 adults and 2 children.


Referral Challenge

Bring your friends and family to join us:

  • Earn entries and reward points for each guest pass sent 1,000 each referral who becomes a new member, and for every referral who joins THRIVE or completes a THRIVE Fitness Assessment.

  • Refer three new members to receive 20,000 entries, 20,000 reward points, and a 5-day/4-night resort stay in Mexico for 2 adults and 2 children.

Check-In Challenge

The more you train, the more you earn!

  • 50,000 entries for the member who checks in at the front desk with their mobile app the most during the Challenge (only one check-in per day counts).

  • 10 entries for each time a participant checks in at the front desk (only one check-in per day).

Member's Night Out Challenge

Your social fitness date!

  • Earn 5,000 entries & 5,000 reward points for each participant who attends our Members Night Out on August 24, 2023.

Each challenge entry increases your chances of winning the grand prize - a lifetime membership at Echelon Health and Fitness and a nice cash reward! Let's make this summer a season of fitness, community, and fun. Gear up, sweat it out, and thrive with Echelon Health and Fitness.

Enroll today to ensure you collect your entries



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