Celebrating 6 years of Echelon Health and Fitness

This April, Echelon Health and Fitness celebrates our 6 year anniversary. As a thank you to our members, we are giving away one 4 day 3 night free resort stay at https://www.vidanta.com/ to a person who swipes into the gym, every day between April 28th and May 31st

We are also offering a 1 year, 3 day per week Bronze membership with 30 days of Thrive Personal Training and meal plan for local community members through May 31st to help them become their best versions of themselves just in time for Summer (some restrictions may apply).

“Team Echelon has chosen to adapt and deliver for each and every member because we actually care,” says Trey Severs, Thrive personal training Thrive manager. “As we come together as a community, we will continue to deliver the best program in the country to allow an outlet and safe place for each and every member,” he continues.

Highlights over the last 6 years

Since opening, in 2016, Echelon has made an impact on so many people in the local community.

This includes:

  • 2,708,800 check-ins to the gym

  • 1,015,653 Thrive personal training sessions

  • 75,000 Group fitness classes

  • Myzone- 57,032,799 Calories

  • Myzone MEPS 15,345,733

  • 600 + MemberPERX local merchants added

  • Over $500,000 saved through the MemberPERX program

  • 4 Summer Fit & MemberPERX Challenges

  • 1st Thrive Combine

  • Voted best gym in South Jersey 5 years in a row

Throughout the uncertainty of the last two years, the gym has continued to adapt in order to meet our members’ needs. We started with offering virtual classes, when shutdowns first began. Soon after, we began the program “Lotta Gains,” outdoor classes that allowed members to connect with their favorite instructors while maintaining social distance. Overall, Echelon had to close its doors for nearly 6 months before reopening in September 2020 at limited capacity.

Today, we are back but still behind our total members since Covid but are lazer focused on continuing to improve your experince and our mission of helping our community, members, and PERX partners become healthier, fitter, and stronger.

Improvements at Echelon

While some gyms and studios were closing because of the impact of Covid-19, Echelon Health and Fitness reinvested back into their gym and has always been committed to improving the facility. That has been taken even further over the last two years. We have recently implemented close to $1 million in upgrades to keep our facility top-notch for our members.