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5 Tips to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time of family gatherings and delicious treats, but with all that fun comes loads of extra calories. While the average weight gain during the holidays is only one pound, people who are overweight tend to gain five pounds or more this time of year.

Below are 5 ways that you can avoid this pitfall, and have a healthy holiday season.

1. Keep a Healthy Snack

From shopping trips to holiday parties, the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of year. With all that running around, it can be tempting to stop for fast food more often than normal. To stay away from the drive-thru, keep a healthy snack in the car to curb your appetite on in between destinations.

2. Focus on Your Favorites

Can’t wait for your favorite holiday treat? It is okay to enjoy Mac & Cheese or a Christmas Ham. Just make your favorite food the focus of your plate, and then add in some healthy sides. There’s no need to rack up extra calories from food you don’t truly enjoy.

3. Stay Hydrated

It can often be difficult to tell hunger from thirst, causing you to reach for high calorie snacks, especially during a busy holiday. Avoid this trap by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and reaching your recommended hydration levels.

4. Workout When You Can

Despite the holiday rush, you can use the time you have to stay in shape. Taking a HIIT class can help you to make the most of a quick workout. You can also do a few body weight exercises at home or take a jog around the neighborhood in your spare time.

5. Let go of the Leftovers

When the party's over, so are the treats. Resist the urge to take a plate or keep stacks of leftovers in your home. Making a healthy choice is that much harder with your favorite holiday stuffing staring at you when you open the fridge.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!



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