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Outdoor Group Fitness and Thrive Bootcamp schedule 8/10/2020 – 8/16/2020

$10 Per Group Fitness Class

$20 Per Thrive Bootcamps

Grab a Free 3 Day Outside Class Pass!

Available for members and non-members who have not experienced an Outside Class.

MONDAY 7:00 AM Cycle w/ Stephanie Reich 5:45 PM Cycle w/ Syrena 6:30 PM Bodypump w/ Chrissy Martin 6:30 PM THRIVE BOOTCAMP W/Trey J. Severs & Bridget Stibbard

TUESDAY 7:00 AM Cycle w/ Ryan McNally 7:15 AM Bodypump w/ Jen Pontarelli 6:30 AM THRIVE Bootcamp w/Bridget Stibbard Trey J. Severs 6:15 PM Bodypump w/ Stephanie Reich 7:15 PM Cycle w/ Richard Gross Enrichedmindandbody

WEDNESDAY 7:00 AM Bootcamp w/ Melissa Arce 6:30 PM Bootcamp w/ Chrissy Martin 6:30 PM Thrive Bootcamp

Thursdays 6:15 AM Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Kayla Gorrell 7:15 AM TEAM TEACH Body Pump w/ Jen Pontarelli & Melissa Arce 6:15 PM Bodypump w/ Alyssa Marrero 6:30 PM TRRIVE Bootcamp w/Trey J. Severs Bridget Stibbard 7:15 PM Cycle w/ Margie

FRIDAY 7:00 AM Step Cardio w/ Stephanie Reich 7:15 AM Total Body Conditioning w/ Aida 9:00 AM Thrive Bootcamp w/ Artez Powell 8:30 PM Cycle Glow Party w/ Margie-We will provide glow sticks

SATURDAY 7:15 AM Cycle w/ Kayla Gorrell 8:15 AM Bootcamp w/Richard Gross Enrichedmindandbody 9:30 AM Thrive Bootcamp w /Trey J. Severs & Bridget Stibbard

SUNDAY 8:30 AM Bodypump w/Alyssa Marrero 9:15 AM Cycle w/ Margie Piper Chiaravolloti 10:15 AM Build and Burn Yoga w/ Kayla Gorrell



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