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Celebrating Women's History Month at Echelon Health & Fitness: Empowerment, Achievement, and Community

Updated: Mar 8

As we embrace Women's History Month, Echelon Health & Fitness is proud to spotlight the remarkable women who make our community vibrant— from our members to our female team members, and our MemberPERX Partners that many are female owners and operators. This month is dedicated to celebrating their achievements, contributions, and the empowering environment they help foster within and beyond our gym walls.

Empowering Women Through Fitness

Our commitment to fostering an empowering environment for women is at the forefront of our celebrations. Here's how we're honoring this commitment:

  1. Special Membership Offers: We're thrilled to extend an exclusive offer to female non-members: a 1-year Bronze Membership with 3 days a week access and 3 weeks of personal training sessions. This initiative is designed to welcome more women into our supportive fitness community.

  1. Enhanced Training for Current Members: To further support our female members' fitness journeys, non-Thrive female members can now enjoy twice-a-week training for 3 weeks. Our Thrive female members are also invited to add an extra day of training throughout March. These offers are our way of helping every woman in our community reach her fitness goals.

Celebrating Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Women's History Month at Echelon Health & Fitness is also about highlighting the leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of the women within our community:

  • Spotlight on Female Team Members: Our female team members, from trainers to management, are the backbone of our operations. Their dedication, expertise, and passion for health and fitness inspire us daily. Throughout the month, we'll be featuring their stories, achievements, and insights in our gym, on our website, and across social media platforms. It's an opportunity to celebrate their contributions and to inspire others with their stories of leadership, resilience, and success.

  • Member Spotlights: Celebrating the Women of Echelon Our female members are at the heart of our community. Their stories of personal growth, achievement, and transformation are what make Echelon Health & Fitness more than just a gym. Throughout Women's History Month, we'll be sharing these inspiring stories, highlighting how fitness has played a role in empowering these women in all aspects of their lives. From overcoming challenges to achieving personal bests, their journeys are a testament to the strength, determination, and spirit of the women in our community.

  • Supporting Female-Owned MemberPERX Partners: We're proud to collaborate with female-owned businesses through our MemberPERX program. Members save at over 800 local businesses. This month, we're putting these incredible entrepreneurs in the spotlight, sharing their stories and promoting their businesses within our community. By supporting these women-led enterprises, we strengthen our community and champion the cause of female empowerment and success.

Join Us in Celebration

This Women's History Month, we invite you to join us in celebrating the incredible women of Echelon Health & Fitness. Whether through participating in our special events, supporting our female-led MemberPERX Partners, or simply by being a part of our empowering community, you're contributing to a culture of inclusivity, strength, and success.

Let's make this month a powerful tribute to the women who inspire us every day. Here's to the achievements, the empowerment, and the community we build together. Welcome to Women's History Month at Echelon Health & Fitness—let's celebrate the remarkable women among us.



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