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Celebrating the Women of Echelon Health & Fitness - Spotlight on Jacqui Wiseman

As we continue our celebration of the incredible women who make Echelon Health & Fitness a beacon of strength, community, and empowerment, we are thrilled to spotlight Jacqui Wiseman, a dynamic Group Fitness Instructor at our Voorhees location. Jacqui embodies the spirit of Echelon through her dedication, passion, and the unique journey that brought her to our family.

Introduction and Role

Jacqui Wiseman, a vibrant force in our Echelon community, leads WARRIOR Strength classes on Thursday and Friday mornings, in addition to stepping in as a substitute for strength or barre classes whenever needed. Her energy and commitment to fitness shine through in every session she leads.

Journey to Echelon

Jacqui's fitness journey began in 2009 with a love for dance, leading her to become a licensed Zumba instructor in 2019. Her path to Echelon was paved with a dedication to improving her skills and a passion for teaching, culminating in her role as a Master Trainer, where she now inspires and educates other instructors.

Tenure and Evolution

Since joining Echelon in October 2023, Jacqui has quickly become an integral part of our community, expanding her initial offering from one class a week to two, showcasing her growing influence and popularity among our members.

Professional and Personal Growth

Jacqui's journey at Echelon has been marked by memorable moments, including inspiring members to challenge themselves and embrace their strength. Her story of a member who, inspired by Jacqui, opted for heavier dumbbells, highlights the impact of her empowering approach.

MemberPERX Engagement

Jacqui's excitement about our MemberPERX partners, like Harvest restaurant, underscores the value of our community benefits, enhancing the Echelon experience beyond the gym.

Community and Culture

The sense of community at Echelon is a cornerstone of our identity, and Jacqui plays a pivotal role in fostering this environment. Her classes are more than just workouts; they are gatherings of mutual support and encouragement.

Women's Contributions

In celebration of Women's History Month, Jacqui reflects on the importance of women's roles within Echelon and the fitness industry. She champions the shift towards strength and health, celebrating strong women as role models for our community.

Empowerment through Fitness

Jacqui shares a powerful story of empowerment, highlighting a class member who, through attending her functional strength classes, achieved a significant personal milestone. This story exemplifies the transformative power of fitness.

Challenges and Triumphs

Facing challenges as a woman in the fitness industry, Jacqui has risen above to celebrate successes, including the unwavering support and dedication of the Echelon community, which has been a source of pride and joy in her journey.

Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Jacqui aspires to continue supporting and empowering women at Echelon, contributing to the growth and enrichment of our community.

Advice to Women

For women embarking on their fitness journey or considering a career in the fitness industry, Jacqui offers words of encouragement and wisdom, emphasizing the power of belief in oneself and the endless possibilities that await.

Personal Message

In closing, Jacqui shares a heartfelt message with the Echelon community, especially the women, invoking the inspiring words of Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh, reminding us all of our strength, bravery, and intelligence.

Jacqui Wiseman's story is a testament to the transformative power of fitness and the strength of the Echelon community. Her journey, marked by passion, growth, and empowerment, not only enriches the lives of those she touches but also serves as an inspiration to us all.



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