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Policies & 

Cancellation procedures

If the Agreement Term is an OPEN account, we require a 30 day cancellation notice. If the Agreement Term is under a 1 Year Contract the member will be responsible for 50% of the remaining balance unless it is for medical reasons, active military duty or they are moving more than 25 miles away (Proof Required). In that case, we require a 30 day cancellation notice. Proof can be a doctor's note, military papers, anything with their name and new address printed on it such as a rental agreement or utility bill. Upon cancelling a Paid in Full agreement, the member receives a refund of 50% of the remaining prorated balance on the account. If they are moving more than 25 miles away or for a medical condition or active military duty and can provide proof, they receive a refund of the remaining prorated balance on the account.

Freeze procedures

Freeze requests must be on an invoice date and must begin at least 14 days after a request is made. We cannot process a freeze beginning on the day a member comes in. There is a $10 fee per month to freeze an account. That fee is waived if the member is a Student (with a student ID), for Medical Reasons (with a doctor’s note) or for Military Active Duty. For INSTALLMENT Agreements, the time and payments will be added to the end of the member’s agreement. For PAID IN FULL Agreements, the time will be added to the end of the member’s agreement. The $10.00 fee is waived. There are no invoice dates so the member can freeze from any date to any date. We do not require any notice.

Class policies

  1. Do not enter Mind/Body Studio B and/or Spinning Studio C, once the doors are closed.
  2. Reservations required for all classes. These can be made up to 24 hours in advance at the Service Desk or on our app. and at the kiosk, 3 hours prior. In order to tell the system you are here for class, please also check in at the kiosk before class, otherwise your spot will be given to someone else and you may be denied entrance into class. Members who do not cancel a reservation will be assessed a $10 charge to their account, per occurrence.

  3. Friday Night Jam Session reservations can be made and paid for up to 14 days in advance.

  4. Cancellations: You can cancel your class reservation up to the start time of class but we ask for at least one or more hours’ notice.

  5. Classes are for ages 16 and up.

  6. Please do not remove any equipment from any of the studios.

  7. Please turn off all cell phones while in class.

  8. No bags or any personal items in studios or on the workout floor except re-sealable water bottles and a workout towel. Please use a locker for all of your personal items.

  9. Guests/Prospects are unable to make class reservations. They are welcome to attend as space and equipment allow.

  10. Hot Yoga is $3 per class; included in a VIP membership.