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How Student Loan Consolidation Benefits You

If your career path involves public service, payments made in the Direct Loan program in an IBR, ICR, or PAYE repayment count as qualifying payments for those who work in a public sector and would like to apply for public service loan forgiveness. In the public service loan forgiveness program, you may qualify for forgiveness after 10 years or 120 payments instead of the standard 20-25 year forgiveness. According to many people are not aware that they must be joined in the Direct Loan program and in one of the accepted repayment plans to qualify for this forgiveness. The public service loan forgiveness program is often confused with the term Obama Student Loan Forgiveness.

There are several other programs that offer student loan forgiveness, but they are not part of the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness (Direct Loan) program. These are entirely separate programs that exist specifically to help teachers by offering a principal reduction or assist the disabled by offering a complete discharge on your federal student loans.

A student loan consolidation give answers for homework and takes the borrowers loans and combines these into one new loan with one lender, and one static average interest rate. This removes the burden off of the borrower from having to keep track of his/her many different loans with different lenders, balances, and interest rates. Consolidation programs exist for both federal and private student loans, but we will be discussing federal student loan consolidation.

There are several good reasons to consider consolidating your federal student loans. Understanding all of the benefits will help you make a sound financial decision. Having only one federal loan under your name, with one lender, and one interest rate will greatly reduce your credit footprint and simplify your student loans. You will be able to track this student loan balance on one monthly bill. You will have one single lender and know the exact balance to your loans on one single simplified statement.

Consolidation offers flexible repayment plans as well. For example, according to english help service when entering into a payment plan that fits your needs, payment plans are not unamendable as with a normal loan. If you are currently able to make your payments without a problem, but in the future lose part of your income, you will be able to change your repayment plan with no other adjustments to your loans required. This offers the borrower the flexibility of a monthly payment, and the peace of mind not having to worry about default when unemployed, earning less than expected or being unable to afford life’s basic necessities.

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