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Thrive Bootcamp Available to all Echelon Members

Members of Echelon can now exercise with Thrive each week at no additional cost. Thrive Bootcamp is held every Saturday morning and incorporates all of the elements of a typical Thrive workout into a class setting.

Echelon is the only place you will find this innovative program in South Jersey. Thrive Functional Training is about activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously, in expertly designed programming that emphasizes movement over image.

The four element of a Thrive workout are Prime, Power, Strength, and Burn.

Our team consists of experts in their field. In addition to their national personal training certifications, we certify every trainer to assure that they are prepared to lead you through the Thrive fitness journey.

Members can sign up for Thrive Bootcamp 24 hours in advance through the Echelon app or at the front desk.



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