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4 Ways that Exercise Can Help Your Workplace

While we all know exercise is an important part of staying healthy, the CDC recently reported that only 23% of Americans get enough exercise. One way that employers can work to combat this problem is by offering an employee wellness program.

While integrating exercise into a work day may seem out of place, studies have shown it can have positive benefits on both your employees and your bottom line. Below are 4 proven ways that wellness programs can contribute to any business.

1. Increased Productivity

Exercise improves both alertness and energy. Both factors can help to encourage focus and help employees to stay on track. Adding an afternoon workout to your daily routine is a great way to overcome the dreaded mid-day slump.

2. Bringing the Team Together

Participating in a group exercise class can help to break down the typical office walls. While employees are focused on their health, they will also have the opportunity to build relationships with their team members and even people from different departments.

Working as a team and communicating in a fitness based environment will often carry over to company projects and tasks.

3. Improving Overall Health

While the focus of these are primarily to add exercise, additional health benefits can come as a result. Programs that encourage overall wellness can help to reduce unhealthy behaviors including poor eating habits and smoking. Regular exercise can also have positive effects on mental health and reduce depression.

4. Increased Employee Engagement

The Economist Intelligence Unit reported that:

“Most critically for employers, however, the EIU research offers striking evidence that wellness programmes align employer and employee goals more closely. They increase employee engagement with the company’s mission and goals. Employees are also more likely to see their own wellness as being linked with professional success. Companies that build a wellness culture thus acquire a workforce that is not only more focused and engaged, but that sees that culture as benefiting their careers.”

Showing an interest in the wellness of your employees outside the office can improve retention and add additional reasons for them to stay with your company long term!

Echelon Health and Fitness offers a Hybrid Corporate Wellness that can provide all of these benefits and more! To learn more contact Jeff Quinn at

What kind of exercise class would you like to see in your office? Let us know!



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